Simple. Secure. Stellar.

Manage money in a new way

Scopuly allows you to make payments worldwide in any digital currency, trade digital assets on SDEX, issue tokens and manage your Stellar account. No fees, cross-border, decentralized.

Not custodian. Only you control your funds.

Stellar. Borderless. Limitless. Powerful.

Stellar is an open network for storing and moving money.

Stellar makes it possible to create, send, and trade digital representations of all forms of money: dollars, pesos, bitcoin, pretty much anything. It’s designed so all the world’s financial systems can work together on a single network.

Transaction speed 2-5 sec. Transaction price ≈ $0.0001.


Reliable user-friendly & secure Stellar Wallet

  • Secret keys. Only the user owns the private key and has access to the funds. Nobody, except himself, can influence the account.

  • No personal data. Create your Stellar account in 1 minute without collecting personal data.

  • No registration by email. No barriers or risks. Scopuly does not store user emails in its database.

  • Multi-account. Simultaneous connection of an unlimited number of Stellar accounts.

What Scopuly Wallet can do

Scopuly is the perfect way to buy, store, invest, trade, pay, earn, issue and transfer crypto assets. Built on Stellar.

Trade & Swap
Buy/Sell Crypto
Earn Crypto
Gifts & Bonuses

Scopuly Wallet Features

All the most advanced blockchain services in one wallet. Scopuly opens the door to the world of decentralized economy on Stellar.


Save asset value in USDC stablecoin

  • Protect your assets from volatility, be it crypto or fiat money, with the USDC stablecoin.

  • When the crypto market crashes or the economy of a country collapses, the best way to keep your savings is to go into a stablecoin such as the USDC .

  • With the help of stablecoin, it is easy to make settlements and payments for goods and services, since all participants in the transaction know that their asset is always at the same price level.

  • New decentralized economy in your device.

Payments have never been so easy and free

  • In addition to direct payments on the Stellar network, we have also implemented multicurrency QR Payment Request using Stellar's PathPayment technology.

  • When a person scans a QR Payment Request (SEP-007), he can pay this invoice not only with the tokens indicated in the invoice, but also with any other tokens that are on his wallet.

  • All the magic of multicurrency payments is done by PathPayment. Assets are converted through the current orderbook for the asset specified in the payment at the best price.


Trade & Swap any asset on Stellar

  • On Scopuly, you trade directly with other traders. There is no one in the middle. You are always in sole control of your assets. No fees.

  • We've created one of the most powerful user interfaces for Stellar DEX. It lists all Stellar assets. Listing tokens on Stellar DEX is completely free.

  • Connect as many accounts as you like for more professional trading. Your time is valuable to spend on re-authorizing many of your Stellar accounts. Connect all your accounts to one interface.

Safe wallet for personal and business use

Scopuly Wallet is designed for everyday personal use as well as for business transactions of any scale. Get all the benefits of DeFi.

What's coming soon in Scopuly

Stay tuned for news from Scopuly and be among the first to try these new features and capabilities of the decentralized economy.

Asset Swap Done

Swap any two digital assets using PathFinder technology, even without a direct market between the two assets.

Crypto/Fiat Exchange

Buy/Sell crypto for fiat money directly in your wallet. Deposits and withdrawals are just a couple of clicks away.

Wallet extension

The Scopuly wallet browser extension will allow you to more securely sign transactions. + API for developers.

Liquidity Pools (AMM) Done

Earn income by providing your assets as liquidity (let's call it staking or deposit) for marketable asset pairs on Stellar.

Stellar Anchors

Stellar Anchors accepts fiat deposits through existing rails and sends equivalent digital tokens to the user.

Crypto Cards

Make a deposit to the card in crypto (XLM, USDC, SCOP) and pay for goods and services with fiat money all over the world.


The Scopuly Knowledge Base will include in-depth videos and text tutorials about Stellar and Scopuly Wallet.

Stellar Launchpad

Launchpad for promising Stellar projects. Investors will be able to invest in projects/tokens of interest to them.

Crypto License

To implement the Crypto Card service, we need a crypto license to carry out transactions with fiat currency.

You can speed up the development of these services.  Trade  or  Swap   SCOP token (Scopuly) SCOP.


High security and privacy guarantee

You can attack the database, but you cannot penetrate the local memory of your browser or other device.

Scopuly does not store user private keys in any database. Therefore, there is nothing to attack. Only you and no one else have the secret key. No one can stop you from making transactions.

For maximum security, connect your Stellar wallet to the Scopuly web app using the wallet browser extension: Albedo, Freighter, Rabet.

How to start

Creating an account with Scopuly is easier and faster than opening a bank account. Just a couple of minutes and you're in the game.

Create account

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Save seed phrase

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Activate account

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Are you in Game

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Your wallet is now with you all over the world

Cash is no longer needed. Transfer fiat money to a stable coin such as USDC, get a Scopuly crypto card and pay at any store wherever you are.

Pay in any currency worldwide with no fees. Create and pay invoices by QR code. Trade assets on SDEX with no fees.

All of this is in your phone, in your pocket, closer than you think.

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SCOP token for the Scopuly ecosystem

SCOP is an access, governance and liquidity token

SCOP provides access to some of Scopuly's services, rewards users, traders, liquidity providers, ambassadors, and contributes to the growth of the Scopuly community and ecosystem.

SCOP is traded on Stellar DEX on such exchanges and wallets as:  Scopuly, Lobstr, StellarPort, StellarTerm, StellarX, Interstellar, Lumenswap, Nicetrade and other stellar wallets and projects.

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